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Artist Statement – About Thad M Brown of NatureViews

Thad M Brown FounderDigital photography allows the artist to translate that which is present in the real world into that which is in the mind of the artist – his vision.

The camera and lens capture the depth and detail as well as crops the image in an effort to bring order out of chaos. Post-processing allows for the enhancements to the raw image which fulfill this vision. Finally, like anything in life, the end result is limited by the raw input.

All three are integral in fulfilling this vision.  

My goal is to create images which translate the real world to my vision of fine art. Fine art adds a third dimension.  It becomes classic – something that doesn't go out of style.  It is quality vs. quantity. It becomes more than a picture someone took – it appears as a painting someone created.

Here are some of my other sites:

“NatureViews' Etsy” is where I display and sell my images. You can review all my images as well as mock-ups to help visualize how they would look in your home or office.

Images are available as paper prints on archival “Hahnemuhle Torchon” (Fine Art Water Color Paper with a Textured Finish and a 1/2 inch border to help with matting) and as Flex Prints which are printed on a flexible Vivid Satin material – (Non-Glossy with Vibrant Colors) with an Aluminum Hanging System that makes the image appear to float on the wall.

The paper prints will require custom framing on the part of the buyer whereas the Flex Prints are light and ready to hang and display.

“TacBright” is all about tactical gear – flashlight, knives and even first aid equipment. This site is not only about recommending and reviewing the best tactical gear available, it also covers a knowledge base of information about how to best use this gear. It's a one stop resource for quality tactical and outdoor gear.

“Images by Thad Brown” is my street photography website and showcases black and white street photography in contemporary U.S.A. especially around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There is a growing interest in street photography and this site attempts to show why.

“For by Faith” is my Christian blog where I not only cover important and interesting topics from the Bible but also personal stories and recommendations from a financial and life perspective. Without fluff, this is hard hitting and contemporary with an emphasis on our modern times.

“The Artful Angler” is my Fly Fishing Blog. Fly Fishing for Trout has been a passion since my teens and this is not only about fly fishing but outdoor skills. It also covers some of the rich history of this amazing sport which hopefully will be picked up be a new generation.

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