Recommended Tools & Gear

No fluff – no loss leaders – no misleads: just the best tools and recommendations for your web photo site and your photo aspirations.

Domain & Site Hosting

Of all the hosts I've used, I only recommend one - best service, price and features. Same with domain hosting. Stay away from all the spammy ones.

Themes & Page Builders

The most versatile theme today is even free. Of course you can upgrade to the pro versions but you don't have to do so.

Best Website Plugins

Plugins are the engines that make your site sing. I've got it down to the fewest plugins that really work. Most of the ones I recommend are completely free.

Landscape Gear

I've been through too many gear changes so you don't have to. The best for the long term.

B+W Gear

Street photography gear is straightforward and affordable. It's even great for travel photography. Here's the real story.

Images & Site Management

Nothing slows a site like images. I have a secret for you and it's free. Also, here's how to manage your site.